iP Commercialization

Mere identification and procurement of an Intellectual Property Asset is not enough, its value lies in its successful commercialization. iP commercialization is the exploitation of iP in the marketplace for the purpose of generating income. In growth of any organization, strategic commercialization of its iP assets plays a vital role.

We help our clients to develop sustainable iP commercialization strategies that maximize output from iP assets and impel incremental revenue opportunities. 

Some of our important services under this category include:

Freedom to Operate Search and Analysis

Freedom to operate (FTO) Search and Analysis are generally conducted to determine whether any product in question is infringing valid intellectual property rights of others. FTO Search and analysis are generally performed before commercializing any new product or process. In FTO, the particulars of the product or process are matched with the claims of the searched enforced patents to identify whether the organization can freely commercialize the product.

Organizations, who should conduct a FTO Search and Analysis, could either be owner of the product/process or any other organization who are looking to buy or license out that product/process, before commercialization.

With a team of proficient and skilled techno-legal experts, we help our clients to evaluate whether they have a freedom to operate in any particular jurisdiction.

Validity (Invalidity) Search

The purpose of Validity (Invalidity) Search is to determine whether a patent already obtained on an invention is valid or not. The validity (invalidity) search is quite similar to the patentability search. However, generally a validity search is conducted when litigation concerning infringement of a patent is impending. It is also useful at the time of licensing to evaluate the strength of the patent. 

iP Licensing

The key challenges to business today are to remain profitable, create new opportunities and new revenue streams from existing assets. Licensing of intellectual property rights is an effective tool for overcoming these business hurdles. Most businesses and entrepreneurs choose the option of "licensing-in" or "licensing-out" or "cross-licensing" of one or more types of iP for mutual benefit and sustained growth.

We assist our clients in negotiating and drafting various kinds of iP License Agreements namely, Patent licensing, Technology Licensing, Franchise or Trademark License and Copyright License Agreements.

Technology Transfer

Technology transfer can be defined as transfer of new technologies from universities and research institutions to organizations capable of commercialization. Transfer of technology and technology licensing PCT filing in India are important factors in strategic alliances and joint ventures for organizations to maintain a competitive edge in a market economy.

We help universities & research institutions and commercial organizations in formulating customized technology transfer solutions. 

iP Due Diligence

Due diligence is a necessary first step before developing on any kind of business transaction and particularly important when considering entering into a long-term business relationshiP such as buying or selling an iP or iP portfolio, merger & acquisition or iP license agreement. An iP due diligence is an evaluation, involving a verification of all the material facts of an iP and associated details, during a potential investment or purchase.

We provide to our clients comprehensive and completely customized reports on iP due diligence depending on their objective, need and requirements. 

iP Valuation

Unlike valuation of tangible assets, the valuation of intangible assets i.e. intellectual property is very difficult, simply for the reason of its complexity. Valuation of intellectual property may be needed at many stages of business like, licensing iP, selling iP, mergers & acquisitions, business management, etc. iP valuation is an umbrella term, which incorporates the valuation of all kind of intellectual property and intangible assets including patent valuation, trademark or brand valuation.

iP valuation is quite an intricate process and involves lot of skill and understanding of various concepts. With our expert team at Orionis, we help our clients in various iP valuation processes of their intellectual property assets.

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