iP Enforcement

iP Enforcement comes into play whenever there are cases of violations and transgressions of iP rights by third parties. Other than enforcing one's own iP rights, an organization may need to defend itself against malicious parties seeking to misuse their iP rights or those attempting to seize rights on existing iP.

Our iP Enforcement services include iP Litigation, Oppositions, Rectifications, Revocations, Infringement Actions, and Cease & Desist Notices which would then segue into Dispute Resolution as well as Competitive Intelligence Solutions.

iP Litigation








Infringement Actions


Cease & Desist Notices


Infringement Search

Infringement search is used to determine whether or not a given product or process would infringe upon any in-force patent claims. Infringement searches are very important with a view to take appropriate business decisions. For example, if infringement exists, one may initiate design around activities, consider licensing options or may consider invalidating the patent in question.

Our expert team helps clients to assess the issues related to the infringement, and also assist them to make the apt business decisions depending upon the situation.

Pre-grant and Post-grant Opposition

We help our clients to successfully oppose the grant of an opponent's patent or trademark (on the prescribed grounds) by way of filing an opposition, depending upon the available timelines and strategies. Oppositions are very cost-effective and less time consuming ways to oppose a grant of a patent or trademark, than filing a suit in court.

In case of patents a pre-grant opposition can be filed after the publication of application till grant, and a post-grant opposition can be filed within twelve months from the date of publication of grant of patent. Such opposition proceedings are quite popular with various technological companies, especially pharmaceutical industries. 

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