iP Identification

Every organization, regardless of the product it is manufacturing or the service it provides, is regularly involved in the creation, development, acquisition and use of intellectual property. In such a scenario, systematic identification of the subject matter that requires iP protection, is crucial to the organization, even as early as the planning stage of any project. An organization failing to integrate effective iP identification mechanisms may remain unaware of the existence of its valuable iP assets and may even loose exclusive rights on its iP. Thus, employing effective strategies and specific search and management tools for timely identification of relevant iP is imperative for every organization.

Some of our important services under this category include:

Consultation, Advising and Strategizing

Implementation of iP identification and protection measures for a particular subject matter usually depends on the nature, purpose and value of the subject matter and the role it plays to achieve an organization's objectives and business goals. During the identification stage of an iP, we help the organizations, especially SMEs, to identify the subject matter require iP protection, to identify the most suitable form of protections available, and to take most appropriate decisions for each iP according to policies of the organization.

Patentability (Novelty) Search

Patentability (Novelty) search is a prior art search, conducted to determine whether a potential invention is patentable (novel and non-obvious) based on the published prior arts. The extent of prior art searched is not limited to the patented art but also includes the non-patented literature and publications. Another motive of the Patentability (Novelty) search is to determine and limit the scope of the invention while drafting claims, so as not to include the subject matter of already patented and disclosed arts.

Trademark Search

Trademark search helps to determine the chances of getting a mark registered, ascertain the existence of similar marks registered for similar kind of products or services and avoid liability from trademark infringement lawsuits. A trademark availability search is advisable before one proceeds for application filing or using the mark, simply for the reason because if the mark is infringing upon another registered mark, then it would cost a lot in legal proceedings and also in re-branding the product..

Design Search

Design search is required to evaluate the novelty of the design before its registration or protection process. Design Patent or Industrial Design search will help you to determine the patentability/registration scope of the Design.

iP Audit

iP Audit is a part of iP Management, however, it is also a good tool to identify iP assets which may have remain hidden due to various reasons and require attention. iP Audit is a systematic review and assessment of the intellectual property of an organization. It helps to quantify the value of the intangible assets, to uncover under-utilized iP assets, to examine and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses in the procedures used to protect iP, to minimize issues involving third party rights, and to enable structuring informed iP strategies. Conducting an iP audit is a complex, detail-orientated exercise. We help our clients to conduct iP audits and provide appropriate solutions to maintain and improve their market position.

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