iP Inception and Conceptualization

Inception of an idea and its conceptualization is the first step towards the creation of any intellectual property. Before moving forward for protection of such an idea it is imperative to assess its standing with respect to the corresponding technological field. Equally important is the knowledge about the extent of protection available for this idea. This helps in laying out the path to be followed not only to develop a strategy to safeguard the intellectual property of interest but also to design around the current art.

Some of our important services under this category include:

Advising and Consulting

Our direct experience in managing and evaluating intellectual property portfolios as well as making and managing iP-driven investments enable us to offer strategic iP counseling to our clients on various aspects of iP creation right from the time of iP Inception and conceptualization.

We help our clients to assess the technical and commercial merits of a new technology and develop in-house iP identification mechanisms to capture any possible iP asset at an early stage..

State of the Art Search

State of the Art search is considered to be the most extensive among all patent searches. The main objective of a State of the Art search is to comprehend the status of a particular technological field. For Trademark registration companies in India that are looking forward to move ahead in a new technological area, a State of the Art search is an excellent tool to identify, understand and analyze the available scope. This search is also valuable for those Trademark registration company who are already working in a specific field, in order to find out what technology already exists and then build on it.

Before actually starting work on any technology, State of the Art search is the optimum way to evaluate the advisability of the decision. It provides up-to-date information about progress in a specific field and helps in identifying new areas for investment, research and development, and potential mergers and acquisitions. The information collected in this search allows the client to make strategic iP and business decisions.

Patent Landscape Analysis

Patent Landscape Analysis is a deeper analysis of the State of the Art search to determine prospects for viable future research and business development paths. It is a comprehensive search and analysis of a given technological domain and is an excellent tool to conduct gap analysis or white space analysis. It can also be used to monitor markets of interest, determine current and future competitors, strategizing licensing and merger & acquisitions, etc.

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