iP Management

Intellectual Property Management is all about maximizing profitability. Mere acquisition of iP rights is of no value unless these iP rights are adequately exploited.

We assist organizations in making the best use of their iP assets by building best suited iP strategies and integrating them with their overall business policies. 

Some of our important services under this category include:

iP Maintenance and Annuities

Intellectual Property rights are granted for a specific time period and are subject to timely renewals through annuity payments. We provide our clients efficient and reliable services for payment of annuities so as to keep their iP rights in force.

iP Monitoring

Our iP monitoring services ensure that our clients can continuously monitor any new developments in their areas of interest. Our iP monitoring services are also helpful to watch competitor's new developments and spot possible infringements.

Statement of Working of Patents

According to Indian Patents Act all patentees and every licensee are required to furnish information regarding working of patents in respect of every calendar year and within two months whenever required by the Controller.

Failure to supply such information is punishable with fine. If the information or statement so furnished is false, there is a punishment with imprisonment up to six months, or with fine, or both.

We assist our clients in preparing and filing such statements at the Patent Office India.

iP Audit

iP Audit is a systematic review and assessment of the intellectual property of an organization. It helps to quantify the value of the intangible assets, to uncover under-utilized iP assets, to examine and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses in the procedures used to protect iP, to minimize issues involving third party rights, and to enable structuring informed iP strategies.

Conducting an iP audit is a complex, detail-orientated exercise. We help our clients to conduct iP audits and provide appropriate solutions to maintain and improve their market position.

iP Policy and Strategies

Significant iP policies and enforceable strategies are basic necessities for the effective management of the intellectual property for an organization. iP policies and strategies are crucial for an organization's needs and in facilitating the achievement of its commercial goals.

We assist our clients in preparing and developing effective iP policies and strategies according to their organizational framework. We also provide assistance in attending to several iP related issues which can be detrimental if not properly taken care of, namely, ownershiP of iP, employment contracts, confidentiality, proper disclosure of inventions, liabilities and obligations of owners and employees, and other iP related disputes. 

iP Portfolio Management

Effective management of iP portfolio is essential for an organization to better determine the economic value of its iP and remain competitive. iP portfolio management is very critical to business plans and can help to identify opportunities and risks factors. iP portfolio management helps to evaluate that a particular iP is how much significant and essential for the organization.

We assist our clients to effectively manage their iP portfolio and the iP processes to enhance efficiency and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

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