iP Protection & Registration

Decision for procuring protection and registration of various intellectual property assets is very crucial and depends on the organization's business and future plans. We provide to our clients iP registration and protection services across the globe after careful analysis of their business plans.

Some of our important services under this category include:

Patent Drafting

A well-drafted patent specification is the key to a valid and enforceable patent. Drafting a patent application requires a thorough understanding of the technical domain and excellent communication skills. Every patent needs to conclude with one or more claims that particularly point out and distinctly claim the subject matter that applicant regards as his invention. Claims are the most important section of the patent application. A patent claim is a precision-drafted, single sentence definition of the patent owner's right to exclude others.

Our patent drafting services include drafting of patent applications (provisional and non-provisional) according to the national laws (India, US, Europe) and in accordance with Patent Cooperation Treaty.

Patent Filing and Prosecution

Patent filing procedures and Prosecution refers to the process of preparing and filing a patent application in the patent office and thereafter, interacting with the agency in order to obtain the patent. This interaction is typically involves a multi-year negotiation between the applicant and the examiner over the allowable scope of claims in view of the relevant prior arts.

Services that are offered under this heading include:

  • Patent Filing (Indian as well as various other jurisdictions)
  • Prosecution: Responses to Office Actions (Examination Reports)
  • Attending Hearing at the Patent Office

Patent Filing
An application for a patent in the prescribed form along with the prescribed fee has to be filed in the appropriate Patent Office. After filing of the patent application, applicant is required to submit other required documents in prescribed form to complete the post-filing requirements. Depending on the jurisdiction (United Sates), the Patent Office may call for the missing parts of the application before taking up for an examination. Depending upon the strategies and business plans, we help our clients to file the patent applications not only in India but also in various other jurisdictions in association with globally based reputed Law Firms and Patent practitioners. We also provide Indian Patent Filing services to overseas organizations and Law Firms via convention and PCT route.

Prosecution: Responses to Office Actions (Examination Reports)
After completing the filing requirements the application has been taken up for Substantive Examination. The Examiner then issues the examination report raising objections on various patentability issues and non-compliance of formal requirements. The applicant is required to overcome all the objections and meet the formal requirements.

At Orionis, our experienced iP and techno-legal professionals prepare responses to such Office Actions (India, US, EP) and assist the clients in overcoming these objections.

Attending Hearing at Patent Office
If the examination report is adverse to the applicant, the applicant will be given an opportunity of being heard, if he so requests.

With a skilled team of Patent Attorneys and Agents, we represent clients/applicants in such official hearings and facilitate smooth grant of the patent. 

Industrial Design Filing and Registration

Industrial Design/Design Patent may be registered/granted for ornamental configuration, surface decoration, or both, of an article. As patent, design is also subjected to search and examination before registration/grant.

We offer, to our clients, Industrial Design application preparation, filing and registration services with Indian and overseas Patent Offices.

Trademark and Copyright Registration

With the help of an expert team at Orionis, we assist our clients in filing and prosecuting an application for trademark registration in a cost-effective manner.

We also provide services to our clients for procuring a copyright registration with the Copyright Office.

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